• Best Food Experience in Venice

    Venice has been for many centuries the main maritime republic of Mediterranean. It had commercial exchanges with various civilizations different among them in particular with the East “cradle” of Italian kitchen and it is perhaps the reason for which today the Venetian culinary tradition can be considered one of the most important to national and international level. The Venetian restaurants, elegant and refined and sometimes even magical thanks to their terraces, still maintain traditional dishes, often retouched according to the needs and tastes of the moment, but still based on original recipes. If you want to make a romantic dinner what better place than a restaurant in Venice? Thanks to their breathtaking view, the restaurants of the big luxury hotels are probably the best solution for the atmosphere that only Venice can offer.
    Venice is studded with Restaurants where you can enjoy a good dish with breathtaking views and lots of sun. After a day spent wandering the small streets called “Calle” of Venice what could be better than a good dinner in a Michelin star restaurant? We have selected only the best Restaurants in Venice where flavors, aromas, perfumes and magical symphonies of excellent raw materials are expertly prepared by famous chefs, offered in refined and exclusive environments. Those who want to stand out and amaze; to experience even one evening in a timeless atmosphere should definitely try the selected restaurants in Venice. For information and reservations send an email request to