• Our beaches, the Italian beaches, have nothing to envy the beaches that we see every day on TV, or on the Internet, scattered around the planet. Clear water, golden sand, fun. These are the main features of Jesolo’s beaches, some of the most important at the national level, which extend for about 16 kilometers and contain wonderful landscapes. Jesolo Lido, located 11 miles from Venice and 40 miles from the coasts of Croatia, in addition to the natural landscapes, also provided many services, from the beaches with umbrellas under which you can relax, to the clubs open all night, from restaurants to hotel, wellness centers, shops and water park, one of the most popular places. It is also possible, for those who wish, to take diving and sailing lessons, a different way to spend the summer days and not the stars on the beach to sunbathe. Lido di Jesolo is organized in such a way as to make orientation easy, thanks to the twenty-four squares scattered throughout the Lido, which serve as reference points, and all the relative references to reach any point to reach. The most important square is probably Piazza Mancini, as it is the one in the most central part, the richest in shops and clubs and visible even from miles away thanks to the Aquileia Tower, a 21-storey residential complex integrated by Carlos Ferrater. Moving from Jesolo to Venice is really very simple. You can drive to Punta Sabbioni, park in the spaces provided and take the ferry to Venice. If you do not want to reach the city center, you can stop at the Lido of Venice, where at the beginning of September actors, directors and producers meet for the traditional Venice Film Festival, a competition that assigns the coveted Golden Lion for each category winner.

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