• Among the islands of Venice, the Lido of Venice is probably the most important and, with its 11 kilometers of extension, it represents the limit between the lagoon and the open sea. Thanks to its marvelous architectural works, such as for example the abbey of San Nicolò, a place where the patron saint of sailors rests, or to liberty-style hotels dating back to the early twentieth century, or to residences and historic residences, and thanks also to its sandy beaches and characterized by an absolutely breathtaking panorama, it represents one of the favorite destinations for tourists. They can reach the island thanks to the traditional vaporetti or, unlike many other parts of the city, even by car, thanks to the ferries, which ferry the cars to the Lido. But what’s better than a nice bike ride? In fact, tourists love to explore the island by moving their legs a little, combining practicality with a bit of healthy physical activity! Also by bike you can reach Malamocco, a wonderful and characteristic fishing village, or Alberoni, inserted in an oasis protected by the WWF and therefore “uncontaminated” by works that can alter its natural beauty. In short, a place to visit, full of fascinating places like the Marconi promenade or the Ca ‘Roman reserve, loved by birdwatchers, a place where you can spend a nice vacation and where you can do various special activities such as horse riding, tennis and golf , thanks to the numerous structures that allow it.

    Lido di Venezia


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