Venice is a unique city, probably one of the most beautiful places that our peninsula and not only can offer. A place that still retains its original beauty, a place that over time has not changed its identity, which offers masterpieces such as the Pallazzo Ducale or the Basilica of San Marco, but also capable of causing emotions thanks to the magic that it contains. Taking a gondola ride or a walk through narrow streets of the historic center are those things that you absolutely must do when you are in Venice, a wonderful city to must visit.


    Venice is not only one of the most important places of interest in Veneto: its eternal beauty, unchanged for centuries and with an unparalleled charm, makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy, if not in the whole world. The Basilica of San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, the magic of a gondola ride or a walk through the charming streets of the historic center … The emotions that this city can give you will be difficult to match!


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    Venice is studded with Restaurants where you can enjoy a good dish with breathtaking views and lots of sun. After a day spent wandering the small streets called “Calle” of Venice what could be better than a good dinner in a Michelin star restaurant? We have selected only the best Restaurants in Venice where flavors, aromas, perfumes and magical symphonies of excellent raw materials are expertly prepared by famous chefs, offered in refined and exclusive environments. Those who want to stand out and amaze; to experience even one evening in a timeless atmosphere should definitely try the selected restaurants in Venice.